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essay writing serviceThe primary goal of Salaam Network is to create education-based awareness regarding Islam, the commonalities amongst the three Abrahamic religions, and the humanistic values common to major world religions and wisdom traditions, as well peace-and-justice activists.  The Salaam Network, is a Louisville-based group of interfaith educators, peacemakers, writers and supporters from a broad range of backgrounds which began forming in May 2016.

The word Salaam is an Arabic word most often translated as “peace” and is used incessantly as a greeting. Salaam shares the same Semitic linguistic root as the Hebrew Shalom which popularly means “peace.” But Salaam and Shalom also include the elements of wholeness, safety, well-being, good intention, vigor and vitality in all dimensions of our lives.

At this critical time when our country is so bitterly divided and dark clouds of bigotry, hatred and ethnocentrism threaten to obscure the light of the open-heartedness of this land of immigrants, The Salaam Network stands in solidarity with those who seek to make our community the abode of peace and to make it whole.  It aims to bring together persons and resources (from a variety of disciplines including the academic, mystical, spiritual and artistic)  which will enable us to educate our community to actualize unity and harmony in a way that includes recognizing and respecting the differences amongst us without making anyone the “Other.”

We are engaged in the process of creating a multi-part, multi-disciplinary, educational Manual which can be used in schools, colleges, and educational programs affiliated with religious and civic institutions and organizations in Louisville. We believe that Louisville has a substantial number of highly experienced and enlightened leaders committed to promoting harmony amongst the diverse communities living in the city on a firm foundation of time-honored religious and secular principles which uphold the right to equality, dignity and security of all citizens based on the interdependence of each of us.clean up your maconline assignment helppay for essay